About Us

Redwood Family Center (RFC) provides detox services, substance use disorder treatment, long-term “supported” clean and sober living, and graduate homes to women and women with children seeking recovery and life transformation.

A ministry of Valley Recovery Resources, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, RFC, offers a critical component to the recovery process—a faith-based, clean and sober living community for women and mothers with the opportunity and services necessary for a drug-free and productive future.

Hope Through Recovery

RFC is a loving community grounded in hope, belonging, and understanding through Jesus Christ, leading to life transformation. Often, clients arrive feeling broken, ashamed, and hopeless. However, RFC's staff, mentors, and volunteers are committed to helping clients live a joyful, meaningful, productive life of sobriety so they can thrive.

Our 20+ Year History

Valley Recovery Resources (VRR) was incorporated in 2011 to continue the Modesto-based Redwood Family Center’s (RFC) success in transforming lives since opening their doors in 2003.

Under the original program management of Inter-Faith Ministries, RFC served 60 women and their children, providing clean and sober living to residents who would otherwise be homeless. The community, small businesses, large corporations, and other groups generously donated the start-up costs for the facility.

RFC evolved as a pillar of support and was a successful collaborative model between the faith-based community, private organizations, and Stanislaus County government. However, by 2011, it became a challenge for the nonprofit group to receive funding due to Stanislaus County budget restraints.

VRR was created in 2011 in response to government budget cuts and to address the growing recovery needs in our community. Then VRR board president Derk Van Konynenburg, the newly formed VRR board of directors, and local citizens collectively recognized the significant loss if RFC could not provide its life-saving services.

Reaching out to its supporters, over the first 3 years, VRR put together nearly $600,000, which they donated to Stanislaus County. The County leveraged the funds to obtain nearly $10 million in State and Federal grants focused on social programs.

RFC received financial assistance from the County to continue providing its recovery program with supported clean and sober housing. Other social services also benefitted from the new resources. RFC received financial support to continue providing the County with its recovery program with supported clean and sober housing. VRR then coordinated with Inter-Faith Ministries and the County to assume management of RFC’s successful services.

VRR continues to pioneer and champion substance abuse treatment and clean and sober living services in Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County, and the greater region.

Who we serve

Redwood Family Center serves Stanislaus County's, San Joaquin County’s, and the greater regions' most vulnerable population—homeless women and women with children. Additionally,100% of our clients are unemployed with no or low income. In particular, the clients we serve are defined as having "acutely low" income according to the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development's "2023 State Income Limits."

Number of Persons in Household: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Stanislaus County Area Median Income: $92,600
Acutely Low 9750
12500 13900 15000 16100 17250 18350
Extremely Low 17750 20250 24860 30000 35140 40280 45420 50560
Very Low Income 29550 33800 38000 42200 45600 49000 52350 55750
Low Income 47250 54000 60750 67500 72900 78300 83700 89100
Median Income 64800 74100 83350 92600 100000 107400 114800 122250
Moderate Income 77750 88900 100000 111100 120000 128900 137750 146650

Our Mission

RFC provides a faith-based, clean and sober living environment for women and women with children to equip themselves with the life skills necessary to become self-supporting members of society.

Our Vision

We envision a community where individuals seeking recovery and their families have the opportunity and services to live a drug-free and productive future. We're committed to providing recovery resources through collaborative relationships in the recovery community while the women and children at RFC remain in a safe, supportive, and clean and sober living environment. The results are transformed lives and reunited families.

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Redwood Family Center (RFC) is where I began my relationship with God nearly 20 years ago. I'm forever grateful to Redwoods for helping me achieve lasting sobriety and getting my children back in my life. RFC is truly a place where miracles happen.


Valuable Community Partnerships to Ensure Client Success

Redwood Family Center’s partners include a remarkable group of people and organizations striving to bring hope to women experiencing addiction. Our collaborative relationships in the recovery community focus on empowering and guiding women and their families throughout their recovery journey while offering additional resources each partner is uniquely qualified to provide.

Our partners are a vital resource in our community and demonstrate a shared commitment to ensure effective and inclusive recovery services to clients and the public. The results are lives that are transformed and families that are reunited.

Our Team

Compassionate and Experienced Staff

Redwood Family Center (RFC) staff have obtained the credentials, certifications, and degrees to help others overcome addiction. They remain passionate advocates of life transformation and family reunification, having experienced and overcome their own addiction. RFC staff members are more than willing to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope with new clients while guiding them at every stage of their recovery journey.

Devoted and Knowledgeable Board of Directors

The Valley Recovery Resources/Redwood Family Center board of directors are business and  community leaders devoted to assisting women and women with children overcome addiction to lead joyful, independent lives in sobriety.

In addition to policy-setting and overseeing program operations, board members are actively involved in fundraising, mentoring, and volunteering. They regularly pray for and interact with clients and their children, ensuring residents are supported during their time at RFC.

Ron Nydam


Jeff Layman

Vice President

Tom LaCore


Linda Shepard


Leah Ashford


Craig Battisfore


Terri Blankenship


Laurie Holfman


Derk Van Konynenberg


Lynette Vos


Employment Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in working at Redwood Family Center, Valley Recovery Resources. Below is a link to our employment application. Once completed, please bring a printed copy of the application to our HR department at 416 Corson Ave., Modesto, CA 95350. Or email the application to Laura Myers at lmyers@redwoodfamilycenter.org. Thank you.

Our Team

Steve Berkowitz

Executive Director

Laura Myers

Executive Assistant

Beth Nelson

Program Director

Margaret Macias

Clean and Sober Living Program Manager

April Gaona

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program Manager

Delia Amador

SUD Counselor

Felicia Caraveo

SUD Counselor

Krystle Castillo

SUD Counselor

Michelle Cleary

SUD Counselor

Alison Dankenbring

Case Manager

Jesseca Duffer

Case Manager

Amber Echols

SUD Counselor

Angelina Fuentez

SUD Counselor

Melissa Garabay

Case Manager

Dolores Garcia

SUD Counselor

Karri Gier

SUD Counselor

Tiffany Hamrick

Case Manager

Lori Lytle

Case Manager

Erica Mejia

SUD Counselor

Veronica Nunez

SUD Counselor

Laci Prather

SUD Counselor

Amanda Sorrels

Case Manager

Brittney Straw

Case Manager

Kayla Tripp

Case Manager

Kayla Tyler

Case Manager

Angela Urquidez

Case Manager

April Williams

SUD Counselor

Felicia Zapien

SUD Counselor

Jeff Stout


Esteban Miranda