We are a loving community that provides drug and alcohol treatment, clean and sober living, and life transformation.

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Redwood Family Center (RFC) provides detox services, substance use disorder treatment, long-term “supported” clean and sober living, and graduate homes to women and women with children seeking recovery and life transformation.

A ministry of Valley Recovery Resources, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, RFC, offers a critical component to the recovery process—a faith-based, clean and sober living community for women and mothers with the opportunity and services necessary for a drug-free and productive future.

Why Redwood Family Center?

Redwood Family Center (RFC) provides comprehensive, evidence-based substance abuse treatment and recovery services for women and mothers wanting to overcome addiction, reunite with their families, and regain the life God made for them, regardless of their financial situation.

· Detox Services
· Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment
· Long-term Supported Clean and Sober Living
· Graduate Housing
· Academic Support
· Job Experience

Reputable Substance Use Disorder Program with Proven Results

Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Customized Substance-Abuse and Recovery Plans

Holistic and Therapeutic
Approach to Sobriety

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The Redwood Family Center

Clean and Sober Living
(California Site)

1030 California Avenue
Modesto Ca. 95351
(209) 550-7352

Redwood Family Treatment Center
(Corson Site)

416 Corson Avenue
Modesto, Ca. 95350
(209) 521-1805

Redwood Family Thrift Store

1030 California Avenue
Modesto Ca. 95351
(209) 550-7352

Two conveniently located graduate/transitional homes, one in West Modesto and one in East Modesto.
(209) 550-7352

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